WordPress Simplest Gallery Plugin

Simplest Gallery plugin is the simplest way to integrate WordPress’ builtin Photo Galleries into your pages with nice visual effects.
This plugin offers a nice gallery style (“FancyBox”) right after you install it, plus you can add more gallery styles later if you want.

for WordPress 3.5.1+


Try clicking on the images (the ones below have been inserted by using WordPress’ builtin gallery feature)


Advantages of using Simplest Gallery plugin for WordPress:

  • Great for end-users
    • Simplest solution for end-user – uses WordPress built-in function
    • Support for multiple gallery styles (FancyBox with/without labels and Cycle Slideshow already available, others will follow)
  • Great for developers
    • Easily add new gallery styles via simple plugins, API interface (download Cycle Slideshow plugin and inspect code to see)



  • 1.3 – Added API support for external modules: More gallery formats can now be easily added with custom made plugins.
    Added support for “gallery_type” custom field for using different gallery types on different posts/pages.
    jQuery Cycle Slideshow style now available – more gallery formats will come in the future… stay tuned! If in hurry for your special WordPress project contact the author for a quote.
  • 1.2 – Allows you to customize the look of your galleries (site-wide): you can now choose different gallery formats: With or without labels under the images. Support for localization files.
  • 1.1 – First published version


Download this plugin from the WordPress plugin database

Get more gallery styles

Once you have got it running, you can get extra gallery styles by adding little plugins. See below:


API Documentation

Want to extend this plugin by adding a new gallery style? It’s easy because it has an easy-to-use, flexible API interface!

Documentation is being written right now but feel free to grab a copy of the jQuery Cycle Slideshow style plugin and inspect the code… it will be easy to write another one your own!


Please help us

If you like this plugin and find it useful, please give it a 5-star rating here!

A good rating will help the plugin to get popular and thus more gallery formats will become available soon!




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